Team Building, Reporting weeds as first priority

We are a new team just finding our feet. If your'e interested in connecting with us we'd love to hear from you!



What we would like to do first is record as many weeds as we can to get a bit of a baseline of where we are at, record the collateral damage (those we simply cant ignore and have 'controlled').

Recording helps us to collect information we need to get funding, prioritise work and look back one day to measure what impact we have made and how the weeds are changing.

Come join us,
Weed Slayer

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Our mission is to work together to identify and control weeds along the Tutukaka Coast.

Our primary focus is on our Dirty Dozen - the species that have been identified as being extremely invasive along our coast, in open spaces and our forests.

Followed closely by the Naughty Forty a wider group of pest plant species that we will control as we can along the ...more ↓

swatutukaka created this project on January 07, 2019
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