What seed is this?

Collecting some good photo observations of seeds as an aid to identifying seeds found - for interest, to help reduce the numbers of invasive plants by preventing their germination, and to help confirm the identify of seeds collected for dissemination on restoration sites or for propagation.

NB - wild seed found under kereru roosts, including those in dense mature nikau groves, is nowadays, and increasingly, likely to include seeds of invasive exotic species such as Bangalow, Queen, Chusan, Fan and other invasive palms.

Any additions to the Project are welcome. To add observations, Join this Project, then in any suitable observation, open the "Projects" Tab on the Right of the Observation, type "Seeds of Plants found in New Zealand", select it from the drop-down, then in the dialogue that opens, add the Field "Seed", and click "Add to Project"

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This Project includes observations of seeds with or without their husk, shell, capsule or fruit - or the outer casing without the contents:)

Please feel free to Join it and add any suitable observations.

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