Summer 2020

This project is overdue for an update. Fantastic observations keep being added at a steady rate, these have now reached 2400, and the species count is now 400. Below is a purely eclectic selection of some of my favourite recent additions:

• Predation on Ericentrus rubrus by a redbilled gull captured by @goodonya (

• The beautiful saccoglossan slug Oxynoe viridis on a frond of the green alga Caulerpa geminata encrusted with small patches of the epiphytic coralline alga Pneophyllum coronatum photographed by @sarahmilicich (

• The images of the delicate siphosome of ...more ↓

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Provide ongoing documentation of the marine life at Taputeranga Marine Reserve. This project seeks to provide records of species both in the intertidal (walking on the shore at low tide) and subtidal environment (using SCUBA diving, freediving or snorkeling).

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