Resighting of an obscure acoelomorph flatworm in Taputeranga Marine Reserve

On September 24 Jean Roger (@jeanro) photographed a tiny, bright orange flatworm at the Sirens (; I mistook it for the tiny, similarly coloured dorid nudibranch Vayssierea cinnabarea but after a couple of iterations Geoff Read (@readgb) identified it as the poorly known acoel Polychoerus gordoni Achatz, Hooge, Wallberg, Jondelius & Tyler, 2009 ( Jean’s observation prompted Geoff to post his ...more ↓

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Provide ongoing documentation of the marine life at Taputeranga Marine Reserve. This project seeks to provide records of species both in the intertidal (walking on the shore at low tide) and subtidal environment (using SCUBA diving, freediving or snorkeling).

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