Join this project to help us keep track of tōutōuwai on Mt Taranaki

This NatureWatch NZ project has been set up so "citizen scientists" can help us keep track of 50 tōutōuwai/robin released on Mt Taranaki by environmental project Taranaki Mounga in April 2017.

The last recorded sighting of tōutōuwai on Mt Taranaki was in 1905 so the birds have not been seen in the national park for over 110 years. The tōutōuwai/robin were translocated from Pureora Forest Park and banded before release on the northern slopes of Mt Taranaki so we can easily identify them. If you spot an un-banded bird that means it is the offspring of a robin translocated to the mountain.

This Taranaki Mounga tōutōuwai/robin project will help us better protect the birds in their new habitat so enter your observations here!

Citizen science – helping Taranaki Mounga help the tōutōuwai/robin

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