Gearing up for Butterflyway Season 2020!!

You did a great job in 2019!! Thank you for all our citizen scientists who took the butterfly photos, helped ID the species and took the time to share with BIMBY Butterflies in BC.
Together, we have over 3000 observations, 595 observers, 249 identifiers and 121 species of butterflies across the province.
Because of your work, the Butterflyway Project in BC is able to gauge the species of butterflies that showed up in 2019 and have now formed a basis of what to expect in 2020.
The Butterflyway Project in Vancouver, Richmond and the District of North Vancouver will start recruitment for new Butterflyway Rangers on February 10, 2020.
There will be a registration/application link on David Suzuki Foundation website and social media starting Feb. 10 and will stay up for at least two weeks.
If you live outside of the three Lower Mainland cities and want to help, you can participate in the iNaturalist BIMBY Butterflies in BC for 2020.
Stay tuned!!

Posted by winniehwo winniehwo, January 16, 2020 17:56


Great work and looking forward to 2020!

Posted by deedesie about 2 years ago (Flag)

Thank you for continuing this valuable work!

Posted by cbickson about 2 years ago (Flag)

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