December 08, 2019

Plastic pollution has killed half a million hermit crabs that confused trash for shells.

Now another sea creature is discovering the devastating effects of plastic pollution: hermit crabs. Garbage that has washed ashore has killed more than half a million hermit crabs on remote islands.

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December 06, 2019

Why do ocean animals eat plastic?

Whales with stomachs full of plastic have turned up around the world. Here's what we know.

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December 02, 2019

Dead sperm whale had 220 pounds of garbage in its stomach, including rope, plastic and gloves.

Researchers on a Scottish island found disturbing items during a necropsy of a juvenile sperm whale: 220 pounds of land and sea debris.

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November 21, 2019

Manta rays and whale sharks consuming massive amounts of plastics near Indonesia.

A team of researchers from Australia, the U.S., Indonesia and New Zealand has measured the amount of plastics that manta rays and whale sharks are ingesting off the coast of Indonesia. In their paper published in the journal Frontiers in Marine Science, the group describes how they measured the ingestion of plastics by the marine animals.

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