NZ's two poroporo

Here's a photo of the two poroporo species side-by-side at Hinewai Reserve near Akaroa. Solanum laciniatum is on the left and Solanum aviculare is on the right. Note how the petals of Solanum laciniatum are larger with a frilled margin, creating an indent at the tip of each petal , while the petals of Solanum aviculare are smaller and pointed with no frilly margin.

the New Zealand poroporos

(More details about this observation.)

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New Zealand has two shrubby (arborescent) poroporo, S. aviculare and S. laciniatum. Both were formerly widespread across all the main islands of the archipelago. Recently it has been suggested that Solanum aviculare is declining from large parts of its former range in the northern part of New Zealand, and for this reason this species (as S. aviculare var. aviculare) has been listed by ...more ↓

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