NZ's two poroporo

Here's a photo of the two poroporo species side-by-side at Hinewai Reserve near Akaroa. Solanum laciniatum is on the left and Solanum aviculare is on the right. Note how the petals of Solanum laciniatum are larger with a frilled margin, creating an indent at the tip of each petal , while the petals of Solanum aviculare are smaller and pointed with no frilly margin.

the New Zealand poroporos

(More details about this observation.)

Posted by jon_sullivan jon_sullivan, December 07, 2015 04:06


Thanks for the facts on poroporo -- I had been too hasty in assigning an ID, sorry.

Posted by bcal003 over 6 years ago (Flag)

No worries. As long as you upload photos with flowers (or the inside of fruit), we can figure out which one it is. Peter de Lange started the "What's up with our poroporo?" project because he's noted that Solanum aviculare appears to be getting less common and replaced by Solanum laciniatum throughout parts of NZ. There's likely an interesting story to tell here but we'll need more observations to reveal it.

Posted by jon_sullivan over 6 years ago (Flag)

These stories certainly enrich our activities, and
I look forward to hearing all about it in due course.
Keep up the much appreciated work.

Posted by bcal003 over 6 years ago (Flag)

Couldn't this project be configured to automatically add observations of these taxa?

Posted by murray_dawson almost 6 years ago (Flag)

Thanks Murray. Maybe. The trick is that juveniles and non-reproductive adults get IDed as just Solanum, with the "it's a poroporo" field added. It seems to be working OK this way.

Posted by jon_sullivan over 5 years ago (Flag)

I expect the changing population pattern is due to Solanum laciniatum being sold more often as a garden plant, because it has showier flowers. Once fruit is set, birds spread the seed.

Posted by marystg over 5 years ago (Flag)

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