Wild Groombridge's Journal

March 28, 2021

Birdlife of Groombridge

Over 50 bird species have been seen and photographed in Groombridge - we still have a way to go as at RSPB Broadwater Warren they have reached a bird species count approaching 100.
Please keep the postings coming!

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Red Kite

Delighted to spot a Red Kite today (28 March 2021) over the road near Cherry Tree Farm - has anyone managed to get a good photo? - its not easy!
PS It's possible to post a sound file with your observations (from a PC) - our ambition this year is to record a blackcap and maybe even a nightingale!

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March 08, 2021

Give us your dandelions!

The village is beginning to blossom - lesser celandines, dandelions, daisies, primroses are opening their flowers in our fields, gardens and hedges. They're all common species, so why bother recording them?

1 Because they're beautiful!
2 Because they're common now, but perhaps they won't always be - we need a baseline record.
3 Because we are interested in all the wildlife of Groombridge, rare or not.

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March 05, 2021

Red kites at Cherry Gardens

A Red Kite was circling right over Cherry Gardens Farm Shop this afternoon. Sarah was too slow to get a photo - if you're quicker off the mark it would be great to see an observation here.

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