Weekly Wildflower Feature: Positive Vibes with Daisies and Fleabanes

Hey there friends and family! We hope you all had a great weekend. What’s one thing you did this weekend that made you or others around you happy? Leave a comment about it below!

Let’s keep spreading those positive vibes this week by sharing pictures of Daisies and Fleabanes in CVNP. The Daisy’s symbolic history is focused on spreading positivity. Daisies are symbols of healing, happiness, persistence, patience, and most importantly, new beginnings.

With everything we’re going through right now, positive vibes are something we all need. When you see a Daisy or Fleabane in your National Park, let it share its positive vibes with you and remember to share those good vibes with others too!

Some of the Daisies and Fleabanes in CVNP look very similar and identifying them can get tricky! Remember that the iNaturalist community is here to help you out! To get you started, here are CVNP’s five most common species of Daisies and Fleabanes!

Oxeye Daisy:

Photo credit: D.J. Reiser

Horseweed Fleabane:

Photo credit: John Gerrath

Annual fleabane:

Photo credit: Mark Turner

Philadelphia fleabane:

Photo credit: Jonathan Foise

Daisy fleabane:

Photo credit: JJ Prekop Jr.

"When times get tough, we don't give up. We get up." -Barack Obama

P.S. Please don't pick your park's daisies for your loved ones! Let other people find them so they can feel those positive vibes too. If you really want to give someone a bouquet of daisies, try purchasing blooms from your local floral business instead!

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