Season 3 - Let's Do This!

Greetings Everyone!

Here we are headed into Season 3 of the WildPaths Project with lots of momentum and interest building in the wildlife connectivity community.

We're excited to announce that our partners in the Northern Green Mountain Linkage, Ruiter Valley Land Trust and Appalachian Corridor, have joined with us in tracking hotspots for wildlife crossings with their project Stop Carcasses! on iNaturalist. We're using the same protocols and will be sharing our results across the linkage. We've submitted an article for the scientific journal Le Naturaliste Canadien which we hope to be published in this summer!

We encourage other towns and organizations in Vermont to use the WildPaths Project page to document roadkill and live crossings in their locale. All the data gathered for the project can be downloaded from the project page at any time for no cost! No sense in recreating the wheel when the work has already been done for you. Our project was based on ...more ↓

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The wildlife of our region serves as a natural indicator for the health of our forest ecosystems. When wide-ranging mammal species such as bear and moose are abundant and vigorous, then their needs for food, shelter and large, undeveloped home territories are being met. At the same time, the large forest blocks that sustain them also supports our rural economy, produces clean and clear water ...more ↓

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