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May 03, 2021


May 3, 2021. Sunday was overcast in the mid seventies - the perfect climate for some much needed spring housekeeping in the Greenbelt. The established chokecherry (Prunus vinginiana) were blooming on the east end of the property but the the entire thicket was threatened by overgrowth of aggressive vines. Riverbank grape (Vitis reparia) is a native species to Kansas with the ability to climb 20-30 feet into the tree canopy and choke the life out of them. These vines had already killed a couple of trees in the area. I cut them out, all the way back to their base and dragged away the foliage and other debris. The remaining clearing will serve as an excellent planting base for the next shipment of perennials arriving the end of May.

In addition to that hearty physical challenge, I moved the newly planted dwarf crested irises to a shadier spot on the east end of the property - near the established and newly saved chokecherry thicket. The previous spot was just a little to sunny and dry for optimal growth. They should do well in the new North East exposure along the bank of the stream.

The other major task was part of my ongoing Johnson grass eradication effort. Last season I attempted to control it using a weedwhacker which was utterly ineffective. My traditional string weedwhacker was no match for the tough conditions of the Greenbelt in summer. An industrial grade machine with a metal blade might work to control growth but if eradication is the goal then hand-pulling is the only way. At this point in the season, the grasses were visible but still short and the soil was loose enough they could be ripped out by the roots. I was surprisingly able to tear out a good portion of the grass around the perimeter. But it was back-breaking work. I was thankful for the break in sunshine and cooler temperatures.

I ended the work day by wrapping the emerging red oak seedlings and newly planted aronia melanocarpa with hobby wire to protect them from foraging deer. All-in-all it the day made an impact on the aesthetics. I was excited to see all of the emerging budding forbes.

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May 10, 2021

Acquired plants

May 10, 2021. I volunteered at Martha Lafite Thompson Nature Sanctuary Saturday morning as part of my service to the Missouri Master Gardeners of the Greater KC and I was able to take some incidental cuttings and seedlings for the Greenbelt. I acquired several cuttings from their hearty stock of Black Elderberry as well as a redbud seedling. I found what appear to be 2 very small ninebark and 1 golden currant seedling - although it's possible that I misidentified one or all of them since the leaves are so similar. I am quite confident they are from one of the two species since both were represented in the front garden bed at MLTNS. But perhaps the most exciting find - I was able to take home 2 red buckeye seedlings... an awesome new addition to our space if they survive. The continuing cool wet dreary weather should go a long way to establishing the new season's plantings.

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