Heads up: Some or all of the identifications affected by this split may have been replaced with identifications of Ninox. This happens when we can't automatically assign an identification to one of the output taxa. Review identifications of Ninox novaeseelandiae 979817

Taxonomic Split 118990 (Committed on 12-24-2022)

The monotypic group Morepork (Tasmanian) Ninox novaeseelandiae leucopsis is split from Morepork, as Tasmanian Boobook Ninox leucopsis, based on moderate levels of vocal and genetic divergence (Gwee et al. 2017), and differences in plumage and morphometrics (König and Weick 2008, del Hoyo and Collar 2014).


Gwee, C.Y., L. Christidis, J.A. Eaton, J.A. Norman, C.R. Trainor, P. Verbelen, and F.E. Rheindt. 2017. Bioacoustic and multi-locus DNA data of Ninox owls support high

incidence of extinction and recolonisation on small, low-lying islands across Wallacea. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 109: 246–258. https://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ympev.2016.12.024

del Hoyo, J., and N.J. Collar. 2014. HBW and BirdLife International illustrated checklist of the birds of the world. Volume 1. Lynx Edicions, Barcelona.

König, C., and F. Weick. 2008. Owls of the world. Second edition. Yale University Press, New Haven, Connecticut.

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