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Taxonomic Split 107863 (Committed on 03-24-2022)

Following the systematics and taxonomy of Wagner et al. (2022), and now updated by BugGuide and Moth Photographers Group. All Norape "ovina" (Sepp) of the US are considered Norape cretata (Grote). If your Norape ovina observations are from south of the US border, we recommend you reID them as the narrower concept of N. ovina.

From Wagner et al. (2022) - "Norape ovina was described by Sepp [1855] from the Guianas. Its type is believed to be lost, but the original description includes a color illustration of the moth and its larva (Sepp [1855], pl. 105). Sepp’s description of Norape ovina does not align with the Norape found across the eastern US—in nominate ovina, the frons, thoracic sterna, and legs are entirely white, and the forewing costa is edged with dark-gray scales, while in US “ovina” the frons and ventral thoracic area near the collar are dark gray, and the forewing costa is entirely white. In addition, the illustrated caterpillar is strikingly different from that of US “ovina,” being orange with brown stripes. Of the >300 Central and South American barcode specimen records in BOLD none align with the 23 barcodes for US “ovina” in our dataset (dx.doi.org/10.5883/DS-FERG). Norape cretata (Grote), which was described from Louisiana (US), was synonymized by Dyar (1910: 163) under N. ovina. Given the morphological differences and barcode data discussed above, we recognize N. cretata rev. status as the valid name for this eastern US Norape."

A New Norape from the Southwestern Un... (Citation)
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