Hilton and Melva Ward

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Melva and I lived on our 9.6m yacht for 15 years from 1993 and cruised throughout much of the Pacific over those years. We then moved to Ngunguru (Pronounced - Ngoo ngoo roo. Roll the r.) where we built our house. We are experienced travelers and hosts. We love the outdoors. Our door has always been open to guests and we enjoy your company.

Melva also manages our garden and is the bee keeper for our two hives while Hilton goes cruising on the new Spindrift as much as possible.

Our one hectare property has a half hectare tidal wetland with boardwalks (Open to the public and accessing a large unmanaged DOC Reserve where we have flagged tracks.)and a quarter hectare regenerating native bush. ( Aprox 50 years with some older trees) The remainder is taken up with house, 2 bee hives and vegetable garden.

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