John Charles

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Once a librarian, but now focussing on my 60-year interest in insects, and on Diptera and Anisopodidae in particular. I'm English, but have lived in New Zealand since 1982.

I am continually impressed by iNaturalist as a means of bringing together people of all ages, nationalities, occupations, interests, etc., etc. As a place to discover and learn it is outstanding.

With identifications, I try to explain the basis for them if I think it may not be obvious. If I haven't explained, please do ask me. And of course please tell me if you think I'm wrong - I appreciate being corrected. That is one of the ways we learn!

By the way, like many iNaturalists, I am not a fan of seconding an identification just to give the observation a Research Grade status. For my part, I second identifications only if I fully understand and agree with them.

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