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I am super interested in Pleurotus in NZ and other edibles and am trying to help save our native mushroom species while others are trying to destroy it.

I started a not for profit to fund my interest and work and am supporting people to liaise with Iwi and grow NZ species of mushrooms commercially.

I introduced Pleurotus parsonsiae to the world although I have come under intensive harassment and hate for exposing its dangers from imported species by commercial exotic filterless growers. The commercial industry has gone to great lengths to try and discredit my work and now that has spread from Facebook to Inaturalist. Most recently David Whyte said he is expecting me to abuse him via email on a Facebook post after a lady naturalist shared one of the web pages I made harmlessly in native plant group. I have never abused David and don't even know his email so that was an outright lie. Whyte is now resorting to discrediting me with personal attacks on Facebook. I did threaten legal action after seeking legal advice over a year ago and have never privately messaged him since that. Whyte admins in the group of commercial growers on Facebook but does not post or appear to grow culinary mushrooms. He openly let people make false profiles and photoshop fake posts to discredit me. I am starting to wonder who made these profiles. The only thing that stopped the harassment of the fake profiles was threatening legal action to Whyte advising him as a moderator he had an obligation to stop the harassment, something that should be logical common sense. Most known for telling people what they don't want to hear even if that comes with the unreasonable threat of suspension from inat.

I have made big changes for the good of NZ in other areas of industry within NZ.

I am always looking for something amazing to pass on to science, So thankful to some scientists for the amazing support, especially at the ICMP.

Currently learning Trametes (What looks like the most misidentified species on inat.)
I sent in a Trametes culture that was new to science. (my profile pic)

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