How iNternational is iNaturalist?

iNaturalist is most active in the US, but has observations in over 95% of all countries globally. This chart below orders the countries in descending order by the number of observations. It also displays the top 5 observers and below that the top 5 identifiers in each country which you can click on the observers and identifiers to explore further. Click here to open the chart in a new window:

Posted on September 20, 2017 02:36 PM by loarie loarie


Cool visualization, @loarie! Especially interesting to see the countries with 1 observer. Why is the US listed twice (it shows up again with 20 observations near the bottom)? EDIT: Ah, answered my own question, couldn't see the rest of the title! It's the minor outlying islands. Very cool.

Posted by kestrel over 6 years ago

This is awesome! I love seeing the observations broken out this way. So very cool to see the geographic spread, but also illustrates how much more iNaturalist could potentially grow in other places!

@maryeford, check out your status in that country we definitely did not visit! Hehe. I comments on your observations that need the uncertainty reduced so they show up properly in South Korea ;-)

Posted by carrieseltzer over 6 years ago

Fantastic development! And maybe a good opportunity to request an easy language switch again - especially to lower the entry hurdles for folks who're struggling with English , but also to acknowledge all those who're voluntarily translating iNat into many languages:

Posted by jakob over 6 years ago

Last 80 days iNaturalist is doing pretty well...even with Germany (Naturgucker, 50k and the Netherlands (6k,
For species..i often do not know their english or latin which way i can choose language lists for species ?

Posted by ahospers over 6 years ago

@ahospers you can add Dutch names on the species pages under Taxon Names under the Taxonomy tab. But in order to show these Dutch names by default you we need to activate Dutch as one of the language choices you see on your Account. Ideally we'd do this once the more of the website is translated into Dutch (just 14% now do you think you could help us do this?

Posted by loarie over 6 years ago

ah, currently i am rather busy with transferrig my photos WITH GPS into iNaturalist becuast that is not much work. I mainly need Dutch species names...Other problems are not related to the language. For me it was rather difficult to refind this weblog again for the second time. I think this kind of pages are a bit difficult to find. I expect a link on the home page (News) but it was not there. Also the feedback page is a bit difficult because i excpect a Help button on the upper right (just like Total Commander and MS Word).
1.And another problem is that it seems not possible to edit your own posts on the feedback/Google Group pages. Am i right in this ?
2.I can help but i prefer transfer photos for use in Computer Visualistation.

I do not know latin of english names of species..and i need more a bit like this:
So i can use dutch names. I must admit that on fora i often got a english name for the birds althoug both people were from Belgium or Holland. So for birding English names seem to be the standard
The statistics page of Observado used to be much better, but the only thing i could find today was this page:
I like that kind of presentation more..and i als liked the map of the last million observations.. the ones on this page

Posted by ahospers over 6 years ago

@ahospers so it sounds like you just need iNat to recognize the scientific name associated with a Dutch name? ie if you enter "boomblauwtje" you want iNat to return "Celastrina argiolus"? If so, that will work now as long as there are Dutch taxon names for each species. You can add these on at a time from each taxon page (under the taxonomy tab under taxon names). Or if you email me at loarie at gmail dot com I can help you bulk upload these

Posted by loarie over 6 years ago

Jakob (??) wants to translate iNaturlist but i only have problems with the species and the strongly taxonomic orientation of iNaturalist and not with the language english itself. And it is rather difficult to find the forum and this subject for example..but that is more a navigation issue. I want to enter a dutch name (unfortunately i am used to dutch names and only for dragonflies with latin names) and than enter the observation. So i want to enter "boomblauwtje" without knowing the english or latin name of this species. It is not a real problem if it is saved as english/latin name but i add observations without photos it will be a bit harder i am afraid.
I am thinking of bulk uploading..but some observations are "protected", "rare", "forbidden"and should be "obscured". In that way it is better to upload data older dan 2013.
It is not possible to interactive put "boomblauwtje" in the submit observations page ? Sometimes it does work...!! with dutch names...

Posted by ahospers over 6 years ago

It is a bit weird but it seems that some dutch names are present..Vliegenzwam, boomblauwtje doe exist in the entry window. I have three international files. Most of them do not have a dutch name....
If present the second name is Dutch
Download link WeTransfer
3 files

Posted by ahospers over 6 years ago

@loarie Download link
11 files

Posted by ahospers over 6 years ago

Of course, we 4.6 million New Zealander's would like to see these numbers on a per capita basis. ;-)

(Here's the NZ Government's stats department showing the Rio 2016 Olympics medal tally on a per capita basis:

Posted by jon_sullivan over 6 years ago

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