Summer 2022 - Higher groups of Diptera (plus planning for the future)

Dear attendees,

Our meetings in the future are going to be a little different. Instead of focusing on a different species or distinction each week, we will dedicate many meetings to eat group.

For example, we have decided that for the entire summer (late May, June, July, and some of August), we will focus on learning the higher levels of Diptera, meaning distinguishing between Brachycera and Nematocera, and then certain groups within Brachycera, like Acalyptratae and C...

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Resultados generales

¡Hola a todos!

Por aquí dejo la posición del RNU 2022 para el Área Conurbada Morelia

Gracias a todos =D

Resultados generales por medio de BioSMART

entre d/ y /view

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Spring time-vernal pool style

At the beginning of the month I visited Nerstrand-Big Woods State Park. The purpose was to investigate if the Dwarf Trout Lily was blooming. While hiking down to the falls, I came across an over-filled vernal pool that the trail edged around. Before I was even close to the water I was aware of presence of many toads. They called loudly to one another, paying no attention to me as I got closer. The temperature was almost to 90 degrees F, which was for early May is odd. The frogs took adva...

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5/23-25 棲架及鳥調田野筆記

首日5/23(一)夥伴們於下午2點30在瑞穗車站集合。由於氣象預報已顯示天氣會受鋒面影響,當週降雨機會都很高,故我們即視當下天氣討論並調整行程,決定就趁著當下「也無風雨,也無晴」之時,先超前部屬(去確認棲架資料是否安好)。這樣做是避免後兩天萬一皆遇上大雨,可能影響任務甚至無功而返。夥伴們合作無間下,確認3組棲架狀況都正常,也順利更換記憶卡和電池,僅剩O5棲架上的自動相機攝影位置,因固定螺絲無法轉開尚未調整完畢,其餘5臺皆順利再登入Online繼續服勤,最後因大雨來襲而歸。By the way,上次的發現大麻鷺的同位置,牠又出來迎接我們啦,真是開心。另外夥伴即時用筆電確認資料時,發現C1有黑翅鳶來開始站崗了,首日雙喜臨門,似乎有好的開端喔。

翌日清晨春日田區鳥調於5點半出發(無雨),昨日無解的自動相機固定螺絲,我們使用老虎鉗1秒就輕鬆搞定,當下大有「工欲善其事,必先利其器」之感 xD,至8點左右已順利完成。尚未有大雨侵擾之時,夥伴們討論下想再同昨日策略進行,故打算在氣溫較悶熱的10點到來之前,繼續收屋拉力文旦果園的鳥類調查資料,Time up尚剩下4個樣區...

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Slime Mold

This was such a surprise to mind in the woods. I don't always find slime mold, but this species was hard to miss by its bright color. I didn't see any sexual structures, but the cytoplasm streaming occurring around the margins suggested a slime mold identification.

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Now a permanent project!

Many thanks to DH at UCLA's IoES! We now have a permanent iNat project for the Westwood Neighborhood Greenway. It pulls in all past and future observations on the site, and includes flora, fauna, and fungi.

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It's Over!!

And it's over! This has sure been fun, right? And we beat our goal with 1,086 species (as of now). This number may change later as more of our observations are identified, so would everyone please take a moment to identify a few observations? Here is a helpful link, which you can tinker with if you wish.

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My Website

The purpose of my website ( is to share interesting facts about nature we can all find in our own backyards. The backyard is a perfect place to find nature. With just one look, you can learn something new and interesting about the natural world! If we just take a moment to look, there is much to be seen in our gardens. If you take a moment, there’s much that awaits your discovery- from what plants are best f...

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Update on experimental work with Helianthus spp.

Hi everyone,

Once again, thank you all so much for your contribution to seed and leaf collection for this project! I wanted to provide everyone with a brief update on the progress of my experimental work. Since collections ended last fall, seeds were frozen for safekeeping and eventually stratified in cold conditions at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga's Plant Ecology Laboratory. In the end, you all helped us collect seeds and leaves for 5 different species across the ...

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CBS News Nonprofits ask for donations to help sick, hungry brown pelicans in L.A.

More than 200 brown pelicans are hungry and sick in the area, officials said. The cold and starving animals arrive sick and many have injuries associated with increasingly risky efforts to find food.

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Physalis of the Southeastern US

Sullivan's "The genus Physalis (Solanaceae) in the southeastern United States" is available online at the Biodiversity Heritage Library (click here).

This species list encompasses the 19 species of Physalis (and Physa-likes) commonly found growing wild or cultivated in the following 14 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, M...

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Mussel list

Matt Wagner (USFWS) , Calvin Rezac (MDWFP) and Emily Field (MDWFP Volunteer) sampled mussels in several locations and found the following 17 species:

Asian Clam
Alabama Orb
Southern Pigtoe
Yellow Sandshell
Threehorn Wartyback
Fragile Papershell
Southern Mapleleaf
Ridged Mapleleaf
Little Spectaclecase

Thanks y'all...

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Observations of the week (15.05.2022 - 21.05.2022)

Hello everyone! This is the thirteenth "Observations of the Week" post of the Biodiversity of South India Project!
This week, we have two ties! Also, the observations are mostly from Karnataka and mostly of spiders. Here they are in order:

  1. A near-threatened Karwar Burrowing Spider (Thrigmopoeus truculentus) from Udupi, Karnataka by ...

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Useful Physalis References

Physalis of the Southeastern US:
Sullivan, Janet R. "The genus Physalis (Solanaceae) in the southeastern United States." Rhodora (2004): 305-326.
Sullivan, Janet R. "Nomenclatural innovations in North American Physalis (Solanaceae)." Rhodora 115.963 (2013): 290-292.
Sullivan, Janet R. "Systematics of the Physalis viscosa complex (Solanaceae)." Systematic botany (1985): 426-444.
Turner, Billie L., and Mahinda Martinez. "Systematic reassessment of the North American ...

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INVESTIGACION………………….Estudio Preliminar de Flora en el Complejo de Areas Naturales Protegidas El Playón [PANKIA 33(1) 2014]

Las áreas naturales protegidas cumplen diversas funciones en los ecosistemas y prestan servicios ambientales tales como la recarga de mantos acuíferos, conservación de suelos, captura de carbono, producción de oxígeno, turismo y recreación. En El Salvador, las actividades humanas se vuelven un factor constante de presión y amenaza para estas áreas, llevándolas a converti rse en parches aislados de vegetación, vulnerables a la fragmentación de bosques, extracción de leña y madera, incendi...

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Help the planet!

Please, put a like on MONTE ECO ROSSO at:
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Will Today Be the Day?

Will we hit the 100 observations mark just one week into this bio-blitz? We've got a good feeling about that thanks to all of you who are stepping up big time to get this project MOVING! A special shout-out to @lburman and @jerminator for getting in those east side observations. More please!

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Hello Everyone,

Since starting at 3 members, we're seeing growth and currently at 53 members! Currently over 25,000 observations of 62 species is an excellent place to be! We're at a great start for Blanding's, Spotted, Wood and Box Turtle observations and now is a great time to find more! Keep an eye out for these focal species and thank you for your enthusiasm in helping us learn more about them.

-DNR Team

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4/28 黑翅鳶降肉了!


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Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Sam D. Hamilton Noxubee NWR Bio Blitz! I will make periodic posts over the next few weeks to provide updates on the number of species seen during the blitz. I'm still waiting on several groups to report back. The initial tally, provided by Melanie Boudreau, includes total seen on the public walks and (I believe) posts to iNaturalist. This includes: 69 bird species, 213 plant species, 43 insect species, and 7 mammal species. I'll try to ...

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Catalogue of solifugae see pages 197 to 328

There is a chapter in this freely downloadable book on solifugae

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Desde hace décadas se han realizado estudios de la flora salvadoreña, desafortunadamente han sido de una forma descontinuada e incompleta; razón por la cual no se ha podido conocer nuestro tesoro natural. Hasta la fecha solo se cuenta con estudios hechos por Guzmán (1918), Choussy (1932) y Calderón & Standley (1941); quienes estudiaron las propiedades, los usos y la distribución de algunas plantas.
Además, algunos investigadores relacionados con el ya desaparecido ITIC (Institu...

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Invitation to join the Great Southern Bioblitz in the Overberg

It is exciting that the Southern Overberg area has been extended into the larger Overberg for the upcoming Great Southern Bioblitz (GSB) from 28-31 October 2022. It now more or less includes Overberg District without the Overstrand.

We invite all new GSB enthusiasts and all past Southern Overberg City Nature Challenge (CNC) members and participants to join our first GSB project in the Overberg.

But first, read the scope of this GSB project. If you want to stay informed ab...

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DENDROLOGIA….....Arboles de la familia Bignoniaceae en el Jardín Botánico La Laguna [PANKIA 37(1) 2018]

La familia Bignoniaceae está compuesta por 110 géneros y cerca de 837 especies con distribución pantropical; concentrada principalmente en América tropical y con unos pocos representantes en las zonas templadas del mundo. Presentan árboles, arbustos o bejucos. Sus hojas generalmente son opuestas, palmati o pinnati-compuestas, a veces simples. El folíolo terminal frecuentemente es reemplazado por un zarcillo.
La inflorescencia es terminal o axilar, una panícula o un racimo o reducida ...

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ALGO DEL JARDÍN BOTÁNICO……………....La familia Acanthaceae [PANKIA 37(1) 2018]

Clase: Equisetopsida
Sub-clase: Magnoliidae
Super-orden: Asteranae
Orden: Lamiales

La familia Acanthaceae posee un aproximado de 227 géneros y 3,390 especies, distribuidas principalmente en los trópicos y sólo unas pocas se encuentran en las regiones cálido templadas. Para El Salvador en 2011 el especialista T.F. Daniel resume la familia en 67 especies, de las cuales 30 pueden observarse en el Jardín Botánico. Cuadro 1.
Arboles, arbustos, bejucos y...

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