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NatureWatch NZ is the New Zealand community inside the global iNaturalist network. All observations you make on NatureWatch NZ simultaneously become part of You get all the world's naturalists looking at your hard to identify creatures and we share all of New Zealand nature with the world. It's an amazing mutualism.

You can be a part of the NatureWatch NZ community on the web at Or, if you have an iPhone or Android smart phone or an Android tablet or iPad, you can install the iNaturalist app and sign in with your NatureWatch NZ user details.

Below are some screenshots of what you see when you first use the iNaturalist app on iPhone. Tony Stoddard of WWF made a handy step-by-step guide to using the app to add a kereru observation, for the 2015 Great Kereru Count. Check it out if you want some more tips.

We used to maintain a separate NatureWatch NZ app for iPhones but that stopped making sense when the iNaturalist app started working just as well with NatureWatch NZ. The iNaturalist app has two people from the iNaturalist team at the California Academy of Science working full time to make it better and better.

If you are still using the old NatureWatch NZ app on your iPhone or iPad, we recommend that you do one last sync, if necessary, to get any last observations uploaded to NatureWatch NZ. Then, delete the app and install the iNaturalist app. Once you've signed into the iNaturalist app, you will see all of your NatureWatch NZ observations again.

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