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Colombia, the 11th stop on the iNaturalist World Tour, is one of the most biodiverse countries on the planet and our first stop on the South American continent. Most of the top 50 observers from Colombia are clustered around Bogota and Medellin in the Andes region. From the Bogota area, you can read more about top observer and self-taught naturalist @mateohernandezschmidt in this article. Meanwhile, @camilojotage and @dwkfoster lead in the Medellin area. @miguel1080 is the top observer from the Caribbean region.

As early as 2011, @juandaza's Amphibians and Reptiles of Colombia project was using iNaturalist in Colombia out of the Museo de Herpetología Universidad de Antioquia. But growth in Colombia began to steadily increase following the launch of Naturalista Colombia, the Colombian node of the iNaturalist Network administered by the Instituto Humboldt. Many thanks to @carolinasoto and her colleagues for all their work coordinating this effort. Peaks from City Nature Challenge are an important part of the graph. Medellin (in addition to Bogota) participated first time in 2019 bringing in new expertise from participants such as @anabenavides from the Medellín Botanic Garden and interesting finds such as this rare orchid observed during the challenge by @sebastian34.

Many thanks to @mateohernandezschmidt @camilojotage and @julianbiol for being such important identifiers as well as observers!

We’ll be back tomorrow with Germany! Meanwhile, please share your thoughts below or on this forum thread on what we can do to make iNaturalist even better in Colombia.

@mateohernandezschmidt @camilojotage @dwkfoster @germansarmientocruz @gesnerio @julianbiol @mateohernandezschmidt @diegoamaya @juan_carlos_caicedo_hernandez @sebastianberrio

Posted on July 04, 2019 04:29 PM by loarie loarie


So cool. Colombia needs an iNatter in Leticia!

Posted by birdizlife almost 5 years ago

I was touring Colombia last month & as a Naturalist was amazed by the forests & the mountain in their beauty. As a birder I took the pleasure of photographing beautiful birds.

Posted by itzhak46 almost 5 years ago

@loarie Why there's one observer in Ecuador in the map :)

Posted by langlands almost 5 years ago

@langlands - to save time we calculate the centroid of all a user's observations in the bounding box around the country, rather than the exact boundary. So that user probably had lots of observations within the bounding box but outside of the boundary.

Posted by loarie over 4 years ago

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