Pseudotonicia cuneata

Description 2

A rare and distinctive chiton, 22 to 45mm long, 11 to 22mm wide. The skirt/girdle is wide spongy with no scales, off white with fawn and/or green spots. The visible plates are narrow, light pink and smooth with a few dents or grooves. Each plate is a narrow wedge shape, waisted towards the front.

Distribution 2

Found in the low intertidal zone to about 7m. Found on sand or empty shells. North Island, northern South Island.

Synonyms 2

Notoplax cuneata (Suter, 1907)
Tonicia cuneata (Suter, 1907) (original combination)

References 2

New Zealand Mollusca, Marine Land and Freshwater Shells, A W B Powell, 1979

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