Lorica haurakiensis

Description 4

Rare, 30 to 52mm long, 20 to 34mm wide. High arched and elaborately sculptured with narrow front to back ridges along the centre of plates, and radial bead cover ridges fanning down to the edges. The front plate is covered by 14 beaded radial ridges. The second plate is the largest, the rear plate the smallest. Plates are a reddy-brown and paler along the crest, and scattered dark spots. The skirt/girdle has similar colour to plates but with dark reddy-brown stains from the corners of the plates towards the outer edge.

Distribution 4

Subtidal to 45m. North Island, South island.

References 4

New Zealand Mollusca, Marine Land and Freshwater Shells, A W B Powell, 1979

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Depth offshore
Places North Island, South Island