Strongylacidon conulosa

Summary 1

Description: Blue-gray, thickly encrusting sponge that has distinctive conules on the entire surface of the sponge. Oscules are about 1-2mm wide and scattered about the surface. They are usually ringed by a thin membrane that forms a collar. Fleshy texture. Compressible when touched.
Found mostly on flat or slightly sloping rock surfaces. Sometimes attached to kelp stalks and growing in close association with crustose coralline algae.
Distribution and depth range: This photo was taken at 8 m; known to be found up to 30 m deep.

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  1. (c) tangatawhenua, some rights reserved (CC BY-SA)

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Tide zone Subtidal
Habitat Seaweed Beds, Walls
Substrate Hard Rock
Location West Coast Southern NI