Hymeniacidon perlevis *

Hymeniacidon perlevis

Summary 1

A thin or thickly encrusting intertidal sponge with variable habit, depending on habitat and environment.

In exposed intertidal locations the sponge may be spreading and smooth, in more sheltered locations the sponge thickens and the surface is rough with pimple-like projections, separated by translucent aquiferous canals. In very sheltered environments erect, stringy processes arise from a basal mat.

Colour in life pale yellow to mustard to deep golden yellow both in the interior and exterior.

Very common in the intertidal zone in harbours, encrusting under rock ledges, between cracks in rock faces and around rock pools intermingled with tubeworms.

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iNaturalist NZ Map

Habitat Rubble Bank
Occurence Very Common
Substrate Shellfish or Plants
Tide zone Intertidal
Location East Coast Northern NI, West Coast Southern NI