The City Nature Challenge 2024, Heart of Texas area!

Hello everyone! It's almost that time again!

The City Nature Challenge this year runs from April 26th to April 29th with uploading and IDs able to be done up until end of day on May 5th.

Many of us are experts by now, but all you've got to do is go out into one of the counties in our area and make observations during those dates in April. Then, try to help find IDs for everything after the observation period is over. Counties included this year are: Bell, Bosque, Coryell, Falls, Hamilton, Hill, Limestone, McLennan, Milam, and Somervell. Limestone County is a new addition this year. Can't wait to see what we find there!
I'm trying to work on getting a bioblitz or two together and will post more information here later.

Here's how we did last year
And here's our project for this year
Help me spread the word to anyone you think might be interested!
Tagging folks who have participated in the past:

Posted on April 05, 2024 07:15 PM by bosqueaaron bosqueaaron


Sorry if anyone was tagged twice or isn't from the area.

Please tag anyone I forgot and remember to spread the word!

Posted by bosqueaaron 2 months ago

@cspiares Hey! Tag some Limestone County folks :)

Posted by bosqueaaron 2 months ago

Anticipating a great turn out of folks in the Heart of Texas area! @cameronnat. @cindy6516, @clintwalker3 , @ejluckey , @lindabu , @reedmjr @jmconner @mhconner @patricia1325 , @randy4 , @austinjknight , @voyles3 ,

Posted by connlindajo 2 months ago

Thanks for the reminder. Unfortunately, my life is not my own on those days, but I'll try to do something.

Posted by alflinn329 2 months ago

Thanks for coordinating again, Aaron. I will be out of town that weekend (seems like I always am) but will try and get some observations outside of travel.

Posted by mmccown 2 months ago

Thanks for the tag! I don't live nearby anymore but am rooting for you.

Posted by madisong 2 months ago

Hi everyone. Getting close now!

We do have one event taking place on Saturday, April 27. The Heart of Texas chapter of Master Naturalists will be having a hummingbird banding demonstration at the Lake Waco Wetlands from 8am to 10am. Afterwards, feel free to stay and explore the wetlands. And if anyone is in the area that night, a few of us will be putting out some lights at the same place once it gets dark to do some mothing.

Posted by bosqueaaron about 2 months ago

@amberwalker32 in case I forgot to tag you!

Posted by bosqueaaron about 2 months ago

Only a few hours to go! Good luck everyone!

Y'all stay dry out there this weekend. Hopefully the weather will somewhat cooperate with us. Also, be on the lookout for copperheads, they seem to be out in force this year.

Posted by bosqueaaron about 2 months ago

I'm not able to make observations this year, but I will do my best making ids.
Link to id for project:

Posted by lovebirder about 2 months ago

I hope everyone had a great time and saw some neat stuff! I'm definitely tired for sure! Now on to the challenge of getting everything uploaded and ID'd :)

Posted by bosqueaaron about 2 months ago

Well, one unfortunate thing discovered during the CNC is that there are emerald ash borers in McLennan County. One had been found earlier in the month, but at least 7 more have been found since Saturday.
Keep your eyes open for more and try to freeze them if you happen to be in a different county.

Posted by bosqueaaron about 2 months ago

Great job on the CNC everyone! A huge thank you to everyone who participated and especially those who helped so much with IDs. We saw 188 more species than last year and over 7000 observations total! There were 6 fewer observers than last year, so that'll be the focus next year, to get more folks involved. Here's how we did vs. the other Texas cities
Our newest county, Limestone, contributed 242 species and 318 observations

Texas Nature Trackers usually features some observations from each area, so if anyone has an exceptional observation they would like to share or ran across from someone else, please post below. I'll start off with some mating copperheads at Meridian SP

Posted by bosqueaaron about 1 month ago

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