Round Armadillo Animals

There are a lot of animals that like to roll in balls and are therefore adorable. If you spot any more groups or good examples to link, please leave a comment!

Mammals and reptiles
Armadillos_ come_ in_ all_ shapes_ and_ sizes!

When hedgehogs, tenrecs, and echidnas roll into a ball, their spines spread out and make them hard to bite.

Take note of the Armadillo Gilded Lizard!

Isopods include the biggest groups of armadillo animals, although most isopods, although cute or just plain interesting, do not roll up.

Armadillidiidae_ are_ isopods_ that_ come in pretty_ varieties._ Their_ cousins_ in_ the_ family_ Armadillidae_ are_ arguably_ even_ cooler!
A few other less-widespread related families include Eubelidae, the awesome_Scleropactidae, Scyphacidae, and Cylisticidae.

Tylidae are a rare and handsome group of isopods, and I don't think they're closely related to the superficially similar Armadillidae and Armadillidiidae.

Other arthropods
Northern Pill Millipedes and Giant Pill Millipedes form yet another group of armadillo-like arthropods.


Importantly, cockroaches in the genus Perisphaerus have the fascinating ability to roll up into a well-sealed ball!

Larvae of some beetles like Stethotrypes raffrayi are also worth mention, but I don't think they actually roll up.

Finally, some chitons apparently can also roll into a ball.

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Posted by edanko almost 2 years ago

I would love to see an elaborated and fleshed-out version of this Post. The topic is fascinating, and this initial outline is tantalising.

Posted by milewski about 1 year ago

@aispinsects pointed out to me that there are also some scarab beetles that roll up like this!

Posted by edanko 9 months ago

Don't forget echidnas!

Posted by mecopteron_bouillon 8 months ago

Would you count Ptychoid mites in this?

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Various other Polydesmids (, Ostracods, and most Diplostraca are good candidates too. Also maybe a ball python if you count that

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