ERS 346 Outing #2

Time and Date 2019/09/23; 15:20 PM
Duration 40 minutes
Location Clair Lake
Weather 22°C, slightly windy, heavy precipitation at the end, 50% cloud cover

Habitat/Vegetation type Stormwater management pond

We took a trail to get to the lake through some suburbs. Along the way, we spotted a squirrel climbing in one of the trees. As we were about to go down to the lake a single mallard duck came up to the path posed for some pictures and then waddled off. We walked down the little path the duck had just exited and went down to the shore of the lake. There was a Honey Bee who was taking advantage of the fall Goldenrods and Asters. There were many more mallard ducks on the small lake. More than 30 were swimming in the lake. They were clearly somewhat socialized to humans. When we came to the shore many of them swam up to us hoping for some food. The males and females were all still brown, the men had not yet molted into colorful breeding plumage. Along the edge of the lake were very aesthetically pleasing willow trees. After a while of watching the ducks, it started to downpour. We ran back to the car very quickly and did not take note of any wildlife on the way back.

The observations are for this post are posted by Kayla Caruso. They can be found in her journal on the same day.

Squirrel: Id from memory (we did not get a picture to look up the sub-species)
Mallard Duck: ID from memory
Honey Bee: ID from memory
Golden Rods: ID from memory
Asters: ID from memory

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