Polyclad flatworms of California guide

The journal series was nice but a guide is nicer :)

As @anudibranchmom often says, I'm just a monkey with a camera, so please reach out with suggestions, corrections, comments, questions etc.


More formal descriptions and citations in the works!

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Posted on January 17, 2024 05:50 AM by nudibitch nudibitch


Thanks for creating this @nudibitch! But YOU are not "monkey with a camera;" that's what I say about myself! :-)

Posted by anudibranchmom 6 months ago

I am so excited about this! Thank you. Resisting the urge to ignore time-sensitive work and pull up every unidentified flatworm I've ever posted!

Posted by skatingflamingo 6 months ago

@chilipossum I think your tag was misspelled

Posted by skatingflamingo 6 months ago

Great, I haven't check the guides option myself. Looks really nice, hopefully I'll get an uw camera and start something alike.

Tagging also @adair_gutierrez

Posted by roysh 6 months ago

Thank you for doing this!

Posted by damontighe 6 months ago

If anyone is interested the PDF version of Libby Hyman's "The polyclad flatworms of the Pacific coast of North America" from 1953 is downloadable here: https://digitallibrary.amnh.org/items/24df43cc-4f21-450c-8244-d9617a85682a

Posted by chilipossum 6 months ago

thank you @chilipossum ! did not know about that!

Posted by nudibitch 6 months ago

Thanks for making this @nudibitch, super helpful!

Posted by passiflora4 5 months ago

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