Sue Mcgaw

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I have worked in the revegetation and restoration of native plants for many years.When i was 24 I bought Salmon NZ Plants and collected every plant in the book so i could learn the names! I love adventures and photography, and have participated in braided river surveys and a rare bird survey on Mt Cass, Totara Peak and the Pegasus Coast.
I get excited about working in the field; . I have planted in Marlborough, Kaikoura, Hurunui, Canterbury, Banks Peninsula and even plants for lizard habitats in the upper Rakaia.
I would like to educate on pushing the boundaries in planning for success in revegetation projects, aiming for high plant success rates, and a greater selection of local species included in the planting.
I would like to learn more about Rongoa, Maori medicinal and cultural plant species.
Im always learning and think inaturalist is such a great vehicle for learning and sharing. thank you all, especially to those people who do the identifying.:)

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