Alligator Appetites Project: "Duck Hunt"

Viral video shows massive gator devouring duck in Florida water
Brianna Volz, Digital Journalist
Published: November 30, 2020

Florida hunters were out looking for ducks last week and instead ran into some competition when they found a massive alligator not far from their boat. A video posted on Facebook by Cass Couey last week has since gone viral and if you’ve seen it, that should come as no surprise. In it, you see the giant reptile creep up on a duck in a swampy body of water, open its mouth and start chomping away as it devours the bird.

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The American Alligator is an apex predator that will devour just about any creature that walks, crawls, swims, flies or otherwise falls into its reach. The bigger the gator, the larger the possible prey... and even cannibalism isn't out of the question.

This project is curated by an alligator enthusiast to display the diet of prey items documented by iNat observers. Add or enjoy the ...more ↓

williamwisephoto created this project on September 27, 2020
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