Seadragon Shots sought for Science

Have you taken images of seadragons? If so, you can contribute to current research.
Professor David Booth and his team at UTS Fish Ecology Lab has been researching weedy seadragons since 2001, but more recently has teamed with Underwater Research Group (URG) to kick start a spot pattern-recognition study using (seadragon abdomen/flank) photos taken by divers. You can help!
Australasian Fishes currently contains 60 observations of the species, but but the 'seadragon group’ need more. Please consider uploading your images so they can be used in this exciting research.
The Common Seadragon, Phyllopteryx taeniolatus, is endemic to Australian temperate marine waters. It occurs from the central coast of New South Wales, around the southern coast of Australia to south-western Western Australia.
The standard name of the species in Australia is 'Common Seadragon', but many people know the fish by the name 'Weedy Seadragon'.
The images above (thank you pfuller and eschloegl) show male Common Seadragons with eggs attached to the underside of their tails.
For more information contact Dr Selma Klanten (
Posted on May 19, 2017 04:04 AM by markmcg markmcg


Intriguing, I've read about the smart recognition on weedy sea dragons somewhere else quite recently (ABC...i don't know) Great stuff Mark, if I ever get a photo of one I will be sure to submit it :)

Posted by henrick about 7 years ago

Thank you @henrick.

Posted by markmcg about 7 years ago

I have so many Weedy Seadragon photos from two different colonies in my area. I will share them as soon as I get some time! So busy. Regards, Danny.

Posted by dannylee about 7 years ago

Wow! Thank you @dannylee3 . In case you haven't seen it, @sascha_schulz has put together a terrific guide to adding observations to the site in bulk. Check out the doc here,

Posted by markmcg about 7 years ago

Thanks mate. That pdf was very handy. Look forward to sitting down and going through my Seadragon photos later today.

Posted by dannylee about 7 years ago


Posted by markmcg about 7 years ago

Nice to see the project helping out current research, well done Australasian Fishes @markmcg . The pdf is a great guide for adding images, thanks @sascha_schulz

Posted by amandahay about 7 years ago

Just posted a bunch of shots from yesterday's dive:

Posted by nickd almost 7 years ago

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