A list of target host plants for Australian Leaf Miners

Hi everyone,

As part of my research into Australian leaf miners, I'm interested in getting fresh specimens and images of leaf mines. I am interested in getting larvae in particular, as I'll be able to use them for DNA sequencing to understand more about the ecology and life history of many leaf mining species.

I've read nearly all the available literature, and have just finished compiling a list of target host plants I'm interested in. These are plants which have had gracillariid leaf miners recorded on them, but we don't quite have the full picture for that leaf miner. I might want to rear out adults, I might be interested in the larvae, or I might just want to know if they have a broader range.

If you are familiar with your local plants, do have a look at the below list and see if you recognise any plants. I would be interested in getting samples mailed to me in Canberra, and can reimburse for postage.

Australian Leaf Miner Host Plant Target List

I've included as much information as have, including time of year and photos of the mines (where possible). many of these photos are from iNaturalist, and were even part of this project - so thank you to people who have uploaded!

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