Journal Post #1: Lookout for Spring

Hello fellow Citizen Scientists! Have you been keeping an eye on Spring changes? Since many of us have been sequestered in the same place, it’d be a hard task NOT to notice the new growth; red and pink buds on trees, bright green leaflets, and early blooming flowers all bringing color back to Massachusetts. Flowers that we see blossoming in early Spring are ones that can manage the variable warm, cold, and wet weather. Forsythias, Crocuses, and Daffodils are some of the most common early bloomers around New England. Forsythias are medium-sized shrubs covered in small yellow flowers; crocuses are small purple, yellow, or white flowers; and daffodils have foot-high stalks with yellow or white “trumpet-shaped” flowers (think of the talking flowers in Alice in Wonderland).

Up for more of a challenge? Keep a lookout for Mayflowers. The state flower of Massachusetts, Mayflowers are creeping plants with clusters of sweet-smelling pink or white flowers that can be found ...more ↓

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Just because we're in quarantine, doesn't mean we can't still enjoy the outdoors! As long as your in tune to your surroundings, there's plenty of natural phenomena to observe - even in your own backyard! Capture a photo of a plant, animal, fungus, or insect that interests you and add it to this collection. Let's watch the seasons come alive in Massachusetts!

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