LLavalley March 18, 2023 Wing Rd, Epsom, NH

Species found:
Birds- American Crow, Cardinal

Fungi- Turkey tail shelf fungus

Moss -Redshank moss, Brocade moss

Lycopodium- Prickly tree Clubmoss

Lichen-Beard Lichen, Common Greenshield

Fern- Wood Fern

Gymnosperm -White Pine, Red Spruce, White Spruce, Eastern Hemlock

Angiosperm-American Beech, Red Maple

Posted on March 18, 2023 07:48 PM by llavalley llavalley


KalebHarrington March 28th, 2023 Gault Rd, Bedford, NH

Species found:

Fungi- White Button Mushrooms

Bryophyta - Brocade moss

Lycophyta - Tree-Clubmoss

Lichen - Common Greenshield Lichen

Pterophyta - Wood Fern

Gymnosperm - Hemlocks

Angiosperm - Chili Pepper

Posted by kalebharrington about 1 year ago

Darvin Ojha's Observations:

Angiosperm - Great Rhododendron

Gymnosperm - Pines

Bryophyta - Pincushion moss

Fungi- Field and Button Mushrooms

Pterophyta - Marginal Wood Fern

Lycophyta - Stag's-horn clubmoss

Lichen - Greenshield Lichen

Posted by darvinojha about 1 year ago

Nisham's Observations

Fungi = White Button Mushroom
Lichen = Common greenshield lichen
Bryophyta = Crisped Pincushion
Pterophyta = Bulblet Fern
Lycophyta = Fan Clubmoss
Gymnosperm = Pitch Pine
Angiosperm = Tetraena fontanesii

Posted by karna2023 about 1 year ago

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