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Hello everyone! I started this project and entered Chautauqua Bottoms into iNat's system because I believe it deserves to be showcased on iNat. It has so much life and beauty so I hope this could encourage people to go there and experience it as well as document some of the organisms there. While I will go through and add observations to the project when I can, I would love for more people to join and help out :)

Posted on October 08, 2022 03:10 AM by ymsak_ ymsak_


oh also I was going to do a regular collection project but it didn't work right and a bunch of observations wouldn't show up so I decided to go with a traditional project

Posted by ymsak_ over 1 year ago

one more thing: I kind of had to guess the perimeter of chautauqua bottoms but if someone has a map that's more accurate I can edit it

Posted by ymsak_ over 1 year ago

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