Exoprosopa argentifrons Macquart, 1855

This species is unmistakable due to the sharply defined or dimidiate, very dark basal and anterior infuscation in wings of which the hind margin is irregular, with deep indentations and distinct extensions or projections opposite base of fourth posterior cell and across apical part of discoidal cell, the anterior infuscation usually ending truncately in marginal cell.
The abdomen, especially in males, usually has a pattern of black, yellowish and whitish scales which is not arranged in regular bands and also has longish scales in tufts on sides among the hairs in both sexes. The head in front and the posterior part or sides of abdomen in males sometimes with specially modified very brilliant, silvery scales.

Description by Hesse:

Wing illustrated in Hesse

Photos on PINDIP: https://www.pindip.org/exoprosopa-argentifrons

A common species in the Cape.

iNat observation:

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