Systropus crudelis Westwood, 1876

Wings with 2 submarginal cells, greyish hyaline, infuscated with a sharply defined dark fore border, with a conspicuous brownish spot at junction of second and third longitudinal veins.
Pubescence on body relatively longer and denser than in other species, predominantly silvery whitish.
Thorax above with 2 red patches on each side.
Propleural callosity above front coxae only ivory yellowish in upper part and small sclerite above it black.
Legs with front coxae (with the exception of the base of the femora and the tips of the tarsi, which are blackened) red.

Description by Hesse:

Westwood's orgininal description & description of pupa

Recorded from South Africa and Botswana.

These flies have been reared from cocoons of the limacodid moth Coenobasis amoena Felder, 1874 (, found on 'Acacia' trees.

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