Euligyra coleoptrata (Bezzi, 1921)

A black-golden fly with dark brown wings: Scaling on thorax and base of scutellum mostly black, not yellowish ochreous or rufous, and black scaling on abdomen above very extensive, leaving only the scales on reddish parts on sides reddish yellowish. Wings distinctly dark bronzy brownish, the infuscation uniform, with violaceous reflections, with the darker spot-like infuscations on cross veins very feebly indicated.

Original description in:
Bezzi, M. 1921. On the bombyliid fauna of South Africa (Diptera) as represented in the South African Museum. Ann. S. Afr. Mus. 18

Redescription in Hesse 1956:

Distribution: KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

iNat observations:

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