Budawang Coast iNat Transition workshop

Your Budawang Coast committee hosted a meeting of members on 17 Nov. to discuss transition from Naturemapr to iNat. Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness (the sister project to our south) also shared their experiences with the transition.

Basically, the comments from those who are using iNat were overwhelmingly positive. To summarise some of the main comments: our moderators are enjoying being part of a global community and exchanging identification of various taxa; the App is reliable and website is easy to use; some of the features in iNat are really clever, such as the identification suggestions; the copying of data from Naturemapr is fast, and the response from iNat team to queries is rapid and supportive.

So dear members, please encourage your Budawang Coast NatureMapr colleagues to make the move to iNat and join the Budawang Coast Atlas of Life project to keep up with news and events.

Posted on December 01, 2020 05:09 AM by annielane annielane


Thanks for the update - I am wondering if you can provide any information about how many of the moderators are switching over?
For me one of the best parts of BudawangCooast NatureMap was learning from them, and in the transition to iNaturalist I haven't really seen activity from them? Maybe I am simply not logging enough sightings etc...

Posted by rubenfitz about 3 years ago

Hi Ruben, not sure how many moderators/curators have moved over at this stage. Hopefully all will do so over the next few months. A benefit of iNat however is access to many more experts from across the globe.

Posted by annielane about 3 years ago

@annielane - thanks for getting back to me - good to know.

Yes, I agree it can be good to get access to global experts, however in practice I have found iNaturalist slower than the tireless efforts of mods/curators on BCNM.. maybe that will change over time.

Posted by rubenfitz about 3 years ago

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