Observation field: Habitat Use

Lately I bundled four observation fields to "Built Environment" project. One of them is "Habitat Use". Field can be used to describe how animal is using the habitat in this particular observation.

Possible values and examples:

  • food
  • water (animal accessing water)
  • grit (bird using sand for digestion, maybe chalc could be added here too?)
  • cleaning (any resource used for cleaning)
  • nest
  • shelter (animal hiding to protective surroundings)
  • platform (animal resting or moving at man made (or natural) structure)
  • other

Some wordings are possibly not perfect, and more could be added.

You can add the field by typing "habitat use" (without quotes) at observation fields section of your observation page. Also when you add observations to "Built Environment", values for different observation fields are asked - if you decide to use these fields, be exact, otherwise it's ok to just leave them unfilled.

Further details of the "Habitat Use" field and observation examples: https://www.inaturalist.org/observation_fields/17919

Posted on June 11, 2024 05:59 PM by kaupunkilinnut kaupunkilinnut


Great! I think it could very useful so I will start adding it to my observations.

Posted by cenaida about 1 month ago

@cenaida Yes, using fields "Habitat Use" with "Rewilding" we can have for example bird nest boxes as "planned" + "nest", bird feeders "planned" + "food"... and different variations. There's of course dedicated projects for such things, but I think these fields could be even "powerful" in combining different aspects. Interesting to see how they work, and how they could possibly be improved.

Posted by kaupunkilinnut about 1 month ago

I am trying to add it to my observations. The one field I find a problem is the name of the Reservation or Park. I live in Australia and I find I cannot put the name of the Park in which I made the observation. I have to use "Other". Is there a way to make that an open entry so we can add the specific name of the park?

Posted by kalimata about 1 month ago

@kalimata What field are you talking about? Location? This "Habitat Use" field is meant for describing the main thing animal is doing in observation. I can add more options to this field, but you must be talking about some other field or iNat feature? You could add an example observation to show what you're looking for. + If the field is not suitable for your needs, you can leave it unused. There's no use in adding obscure data.

Posted by kaupunkilinnut about 1 month ago

Thank you @kaupunkilinnut. Okay, I will leave it unused. I am unable to add obscure data. So please do not worry.

Sorry, I troubled you.

Posted by kalimata 30 days ago

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