Smitten by bees...

I became drawn into the natural world of pollinators after my wife had replaced our home garden with California native plants. We were excited to see first-hand that locally native plants really do attract local birds and insects. I began taking many photographs with a new camera and added a macro lens. I started noticing that we had assorted bees that I knew nothing about so I began my pursuit of studying these critters.
I’ll never forget the moment some years ago when my wife invited me to join her at a Master Gardeners training presentation in San Jose, California. The presenter was Jaime Pawelek who worked for Dr. Gordon Frankie at UC Berkeley. Jaime’s presentation introduced and described the life cycles of many California bee species, their close relationships with native plants and their role in pollination. I was smitten; this was a significant milestone for me.
After many years, I still feel that I didn’t choose bees, they chose me. I know that statement has been ...more ↓

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UPDATES May 2020: We have added additional observation fields so that our data can also get directly uploaded to the Global Biotic Interactions database (GloBi: This includes an "Associated Observation" field which is required; this would be the URL address of the ...more ↓

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