January Monitoring

On the 25th of January the onduline sheets and wooden disks were checked, after being out for 2 months. The main observations under the wooden disks were woodlice and centipedes. Nothing was observed under the onduline sheets. Under two of the disks at the shubland site a lizard was sighted; was not able to identify them as they moved away quickly.

Student Site:
1) Right from carpark: onduline - nothing, disk - woodlice * 2
2) Middle: onduline - nothing, disk - centipede
3) Closest to road: no onduline, disk - nothing

1) Opposite track junction and sign: onduline nothing, disk - nothing
2) From track sign past 2nd cabbage tree: onduline nothing, disk - centipede
3) Not found

1) Front: onduline - centipede, disk - woodlice
2) Back right: onduline - nothing, disk - nothing
3) Corner left: onduline - woodlice, disk - nothing

Linwood Ave corner:
1) End: onduline - nothing (had only one sheet)
2) ...more ↓

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Formerly a remnant salt marsh that had been infilled with grazing, this 20 hectare piece of farmland was returned to wetland habitat in 2005. Considering its small size, this is a diverse salt marsh that now supports areas of coastal ribbonwood shrubland - the least common of the estuary's salt marsh vegetation.

This project will monitor 5 sites within Charlesworth Wetland, to cover a ...more ↓

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