Countdown to the City Nature Challenge!

The City Nature Challenge is only 5 days away, and the competition is heating up - literally! With the recent warm rainy nights and warm days this week, the frogs and salamanders have returned to vernal ponds, migratory birds are returning, insects are more active, and green is returning to the New England landscape.

Thanks to @berkshirenaturalist for starting a conversation about meetups and events. You can find a list of organized events here - some of which require registration (free) and most others have no registration.

We will continue updating that site and sharing meetups around the area both on the above website and on this journal. Feel free to add your comments or questions below if you are planning a meetup in your area.

It's easy to make observations for the City Nature Challenge! If you are new to iNaturalist, check out the site's excellent resources about how to taking good photos with your smart phone, uploading observations, and making identifications on the Getting Started page.

With your help, we can discover more about our local biodiversity, contribute observations to research, and win this thing!!

Posted by alorenz alorenz, April 10, 2017 19:59



I'm noticing a LOT of posts of plants and animals that are not wild.

Posted by kellyfuerstenberg over 3 years ago (Flag)

Try to take more than one photo if possible. For plants, photograph flowers and leaves as well as stems if possible (and bark for trees). Photograph the whole plant and then get closer. For insects, try for more than one angle and get as close as you can. For lichens and mosses, show the overall growth and then zoom in as close as possible (while still aiming for a clear photo).

Posted by kellyfuerstenberg over 3 years ago (Flag)

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