Welcome to another City Nature Challenge - Help highlight the Atlantic Provinces in 2022!

The dates for the 2022 City Nature Challenge have been set for months. All observations must be recorded during the 4 day event April 29 to May 2. Participants have up until May 8th to finalize uploading of photos and sound recordings. Identifiers of course may add comments and attributes and suggest names at any time during the challenge! Final results will be announced May 9th.

This year there are 44 entries from across the country from St. John's in the east to Vancouver in the west and north to Yellowknife and Whitehorse.

Our local efforts the last few years to get out and participate were of course affected by COVID. Hopefully during 2022 the weather will cooperate. Now is a great time to set personal goals and to make plans to get out and help highlight the Atlantic Provinces this year.

Late April may not be the best time of year to highlight biodiversity in our area but after a long winter it is a great opportunity to get out and explore favourite places and/or venture to new areas. Choose a few parks, trails, beaches, or wilderness areas to visit or decide to stay close to home and explore your backyard or neighbourhood. The objective is to observe wildlife - it is all around us.

Join this umbrella project for the Atlantic region and be automatically notified if/when new journal posts are added.

Posted on April 04, 2022 09:57 AM by mkkennedy mkkennedy


Over 370 iNatters have contributed more than 100 observations from locations in the Atlantic provinces over the last year - hopefully they will all come out and share at least one observation in the 2022 CNC. This event tracks the number of observations, the number of species, and the number of participants. Every observation counts!
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Posted by mkkennedy over 1 year ago

Wish I could help, I'm no longer in that area. Back in Texas. Have fun everyone, and God bless

Posted by dingooctavious over 1 year ago

Awesome! I won't be able to participate over there unfortunately since I'm organizing the CNC in Berlin, but I'll let my family in that area know!

Posted by alexis_orion over 1 year ago

I was there on vacations - won't be able to go there this year:(

Posted by stariplativky over 1 year ago

Same as above, I'll be participating here in Hamilton, Ontario. Good luck!

Posted by liamthornebirderboy over 1 year ago

thank you - I will be away this year

Posted by chartuso over 1 year ago

Thank you Mary for all the behind the scene work you are doing to make CNC a success. I will try my best this year as well.

Posted by mariejoseegarand over 1 year ago

We will be doing what we can?
Is it a random choice where we go or do we each have an area?

Posted by paulphilp over 1 year ago

People as always can iNat anywhere at anytime but for observations to count in the CNC stats they must be recorded over the 4 day period - they can be uploaded the following week. They must also be from locations that fall within a defined CNC area. Multiple people may record observations of the same species at the same location on the same date/time - but hopefully if taking photos of a spruce tree individuals might choose different trees! It would be fantastic if people chatted with others in their area and arranged to explore different areas but the real intent is to get people out observing and sharing.

Posted by mkkennedy over 1 year ago

Thank you Mary.
Sounds easy peasy,

Posted by paulphilp over 1 year ago

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