April 2024 Gall Week is going from April 20-28

I just wanted to invite anyone who's interested to join and contribute to the April 2024 Gall Week bioblitz:

It's a manual project so you'll need to join and manually add any galls you see during that time period. I hope some of you decide to contribute the under-studied galls of Africa to the project! If not I'll probably manually add contributions from this project to the bioblitz if I'm able to.

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Galls are plant deformities caused by external parasites such as insects, mites, fungi and bacteria. This a place anyone in Africa can add photos of galls, come to look for galls to identify, or enjoy the amazing variety of galls. I hope it can inspire people around the continent to pay more attention to the interactions around them, so please join and add your observations!

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brnhn created this project on April 16, 2022
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