What A Hidden Gem!

I'm excited. Tomorrow I head back out to Hackfalls for another session of photographing the wonderful trees out there. I had thought I would be able to hit most of it in the first visit, as I had planned for 12 hours on that trip. After I finished uploading the observations, it quickly became apparent that I had barely even come close to 10% of what they have there. But what a 10% it was! I would be so bold as to say, no matter how much you know your trees, there will be surprises.

It is an entirely different experience from Eastwoodhill. This is a working station, and as such it has a very kiwi, very country feel about it. As you come over each hill, it grows from a rather well planted homestead garden into a stunning collection that has been built over a lifetime. There is no visitor centre, rather a small table setup under the carport. The trails are scantily posted and other visitors seem few and far between, so you get the feeling that it is "All Yours". The sounds are ...more ↓

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Trees and shrubs planted at Hackfalls Arboretum.

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