Any records which increase our knowledge in local herps are welcome!

Apart from the locality and road kill data for herps, you are welcome to add in any special sightings about our local herpetofauna.

These include early/late sightings/records of calls of herp species in a year, special records of breeding behaviour, presence of eggs, records of prey captured, usage of habitats etc.

Putting the information in the 'description' part will be good enough. And please don't forget to take a picture of the recorded species (with a size reference) whenever possible!

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This database aims at documenting the most recent distribution, interesting observations in life histories and roadkill records of herps within Hong Kong through contribution by devoted nature-lovers in the region.

The observations added to this database will supplement the Hong Kong Biodiversity Database maintained by the School of Biological Sciences of the University of Hong ...more ↓

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