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The Justicia Pollinators Project archives iNaturalist observations showing interactions between Justicia (Acanthaceae) plants and animals that visit their flowers. Species of Justicia have flowers with many different colors, shapes, and sizes to attract pollinators. In some plants, flower traits are correlated with particular groups of animal pollinators. For example, hummingbirds often drink nectar from flowers that are red with long corolla tubes. The iNaturalist observations in this project can show us what animals are visiting flowers of Justicia species and if these interactions are consistent with what we would expect from the flower’s color, shape, and size.

The observations added to this project will be annotated using the Observation Fields section. The annotations will be added as interactions of a “visited flower of” the Justicia species and “‘flower visited by” the animal visitor. These annotations will allow the observations ...more ↓

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Observations of animal visitors to Justicia (Acanthaceae) flowers

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