Now the main Kereru count project

This is now the default project to add Kereru observations to when there is not a nation wide Kereru survey in progress. In other words, add Kereru observations here unless there is a current nation wide Kereru count project, in which case add the observations there instead!

Posted by tony_wills tony_wills, October 14, 2015 22:28



Observations can be added to multiple projects, so surely the communities Kereru observations can be added to this and current count projects?

Posted by murray_dawson almost 5 years ago (Flag)

They can indeed, and probably should be. But all but two or three of the Great Kereru Count 2015 observations (those done on site, those done with the app, and those imported) only had that project added. I'm not sure what is most useful, I can see an argument that the vast number of observations during this years survey would overwhelm any analysis carried out on the whole body of Kereru observations - as of a couple of days ago there were 11107 Hemiphaga observations 7721 of which were from this survey. But I suppose it can work either way, so long as people are aware of the data blips - as of now they would have to remember to combine the three projects when looking at Kereru data, or if we add them all into this project, remember to exclude these ones when doing some types of analysis. The main thing is to be consistent I think. If we decide to add them all to this project, then an automated script would be appropriate, hand editing 7000 observations takes a while :-)

I would also suggest that projects are a means to an end - encouraging gathering observations annotated with particular bits of data in a standard form (fields) useful for analysis. There is not a great need to aggregate all their observations in one project as you can simply export all the Hemiphaga observations for that.
Perhaps @jon_sullivan, and @parkecology have some comments?

Posted by tony_wills almost 5 years ago (Flag)

Hi all
The reason we used the GKC 2015 project for new observations was that the bulk uploader can only add to one project (as far as I am aware) and we need a specific project to do quick reporting. The intention was to include the observations in other relevant projects - if adding them serves a purpose. As people understand more about the true ultility of projects hopefully there will be less unnessesary projects proliferating.
Cheers, Tim

Posted by parkecology almost 5 years ago (Flag)

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